Toto Lara: Dreams (29.9.-1.10.2017)

Vernissage fredag 29. september kl. 19.00

Lørdag 30. september  og søndag 1. oktober åpent kl. 12.00- 15.00

Toto Lara er utdannet arkitekt fra Chile og er for tiden førsteårsstudent ved Einar Granum Kunstfagskole.

About the artist: Toto Lara was born in Chile. While studying architecture at University, he started with the first series of paintings. He is working and looking for perfection on his way of expression called Surreal and Dark Art.

“My aim is to bring dreams to reality, to confuse what ́s real with the unreal, ergo to create a relationship of various mental states and different levels of consciousness.”

Toto Lara